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7 Laws to Attract the Person You Love 4:32 AM


Do you wish to attract someone to yourself? Is there a man or a woman that you like and want them to fall head over heels for you? If yes is your answer, then the seven principles of attraction is your key to success. The seven principles of attraction are seven simple ways that will help you grab anybody’s attention and master the art of attraction.

Rule 1- Hide and Seek
If you want a person, never run after them. The more you chase them, the farther they will go away from you. Approach them, let them know that you like them but do not show them how much you want them. More often than not, strong emotions scare away people.

Rule 2- Play hard Sometimes
Playing hard to get works well. Love, in its initial stage is like a run and chase game and the chase is always the most fun part. The more you run away from a person, more curious he will be to catch you and find out the reason behind your running away from them. Men like women who are hard to get and women find those men interesting who have the potential and confidence to turn them down.

Rule 3- Move slow
Once, you get to know the person; do not be all over them. Make sure that you move cautiously and slowly into the relationship. Take your time and let the other person take their time to understand and comprehend things. Sometimes, moving too swiftly can mess things up.

Rule 4- Be on your best behavior
While trying to woo someone, be on your best behavior always. Some people say that love is blind but when attraction is involved, everybody gets an extra pair of eyes. Thus, wear your best clothes, best manners and put on your most charming manners. It will help, certainly.

Rule 5- Air of Mystery
Never reveal your true self. Mystery is an important element of attraction. A person will most certainly stay attracted to you till the time he/she doesn’t completely understand you. Every time you do something which surprises them, they will run after you to understand you better.

Rule 6- Shower compliments
Be generous with compliments. Every person likes to be praised and be around people who like them. Thus, if you want to attract someone, make sure that you compliment them. However, make sure that your compliments do not come across as flattery.

Rule 7- Pinch of jealousy
A little jealousy can really help you in getting a person attracted to you. When you shower all your attention on one person and suddenly, you divert your attention from that one person to another, they will become jealous and would want to restore their position as the most important person in your life. Thus, they will begin to run after you.

The seven laws of attraction, if used correctly can really help you in getting that special someone attracted to you within days.

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7 dating rules you must follow 11:01 AM


Here are seven dating (not) rules you should actually follow:

1.Contact your date when you feel like talking to them.There's nothing wrong with contacting someone you've gone out with when the mood strikes. (Though if you feel the need to be calling someone every hour, on the hour, there might be an issue.)

2.Don't play the "wait for the other person to make the first move" game.It will probably just make you miserable and neither of you will ever make a move. If you are a reasonably perceptive person, you should be able to tell when someone is interested in you and act accordingly.

3.A date isn't a job interview,so try not to act like it is. Don't interrogate your date, put them on the spot, or make them feel like you're judging them. Instead, try to listen to what they have to say and decide whether their thoughts are compatible with yours.

4.If you disagree with something your date says, express your opinion.There's no point of keeping quiet because you think it will make someone like you more. It is only guaranteed to make things worse down the road.

5.Try not to think of certain topics as "taboo."If big things like politics and religion are important to you and are subjects that you're naturally inclined to talk about, why not bring them up?

6.It's fine to have dealbreakers.Everyone does, and you shouldn't feel guilty about them. It's always better to know what yours are and own them.

7.Remember that the only thing you can control in a relationship is yourself.Period. The rules of dating should pretty much be limited to the rules of common courtesy, sense and respect. Waiting three days to call may no longer be relevant to your dating life, but being aware of your own needs always will be.

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4 Body Language "Tricks" When Approaching Women 5:29 AM

You know what?

The way you approach a woman is the MOST important
step towards attracting her.

If you can demonstrate the right kind of qualities
when you initiate a conversation, then it's easy
to make her interested.

As humans, we make instant judgments about people
within the first couple seconds of meeting them.

This means if you want to attract a woman, you
have to ensure that you're displaying the right
kind of body language on your approach.

Most guys make the mistake of giving off POOR body
language when initiating conversations with girls.

Whether they act too intimidating or behave in a
wussy manner, most men are sending the WRONG body
language signals to women.

So if you're having trouble with attracting women
when you first meet them, then you should take a
look at your body language.

Here is a quick FOUR step system for displaying
attractive body language to women:

1 - Be friendly

When you approach a woman, lock eyes on her and

Your goal is to give off a warm and friendly
personality with your approach.

In other words, you want to approach her like a
long lost friend.


2 - Display energy and enthusiasm

Most guys start a conversation with sullen or
scared looks on their faces.

Trust me...this is one of the worst things you
can do.

You want to be thought of as a fun, interesting

So it's important show lot's of energy when
approaching women.

Remember...enthusiasm is contagious. If you act
like you're having a great time, this energy
will naturally rub off on her.


3 - Don't face her head on

When you initiate a conversation, you want to
put her at ease.

The best way to do this is to avoid directly
facing a woman.

One of the principles of body language is we
tend to be uncomfortable by people who directly
face us.

So don't be positioned right in front of her.

Instead approach her to the side.

If you can end up side-by-side or at an angle,
you'll reduce a lot of the nervousness and


4 - Be relaxed

Once you've approached the woman you should
strike a relaxed pose.

In order to appear confident, you have to give
off the appearance that you're not anxious or
worried about the outcome of your conversation.

By displaying a relaxed posture (like leaning
back), you're showing her that she's in the
presence of a confident male.

If you use this four part body language system
on your approach, you'll increase your chances
of developing a successful conversation.

Then it'll be easy to quickly develop rapport a
nd make things more intimate.


Finally, approaching is the BIGGEST obstacle
guys have when it comes to women. 


5 Sex Secrets She Wants YOU To Know 10:51 AM


It's a common experience to feel a lack of sexual confidence around women. When you're not sure what to do to satisfy her, you'll end up projecting a nervous attitude towards sex. But while lots of guys experience some form of anxiety you CANNOT let this affect your performance in the bedroom. It's important to understand what pleases women and then DO it. Only then will you be able to display an unstoppable amount of sexual confidence. And here are a few ways to make an improvement in this area...

Tip #1- Maintain a relaxed attitude The quickest way to become anxious about sex is to get all "worked up" before doing in the deed. When you act this way, you'll end up making her share these nervous feelings. As a result, she'll be turned off by your low self-esteem. Instead of being nervous about sex, you should remind yourself that it's a completely natural part of relationship. Even if something bad happens, learn to roll with the punches and maintain composure. In other words, stay RELAXED!

Tip #2- Understand sexuality One of the best ways to become a sexually confident guy is to understand what really pleases a woman. If you understand how to give women pleasure then you'll discover it's easy to be a great lover. The best way to do this is experiment with the following
** Oral sex
** Locating the G-Spot
** Teasing and being seductive
** Building anticipation for "the main event"
Take time here and she'll really enjoy the experience.

Tip #3- Delay your gratification
As you've probably realize, your sexual confidence stems from being able to please a woman. When you can please a woman any time and any place, you'll project an authoritative aura to those around you. And one of the best ways to demonstrate this quality is to delay your own pleasure during sex. If you provide multiple orgasms to a woman before taking care of yourself, you'll transform into a seductive lover.

Tip #4- Be aggressive not timid
Many guys have low self esteem in the bedroom because they're afraid to take initiative.
Believe me- Women WANT you to take control when you're in the bedroom. Once you understand how to give women pleasure, be the one to be aggressive and give her what she wants. Women are turned on by many things. Primarily, they LOVE a guy who acts like he can barely control himself when being intimate.

Tip #5- Understand her needs
Women are strange creatures. While you might encounter some that know what they want, most women won't provide a clue about their needs. So it's up to you to do some exploration and figure out what pleases her. By experimenting with various techniques, you'll eventually encounter the things which drive her crazy with passion. Then it's up to you to give this every time you have sex.
Sexual confidence comes down to understanding women and being able to discover what pleases them.
If you follow the five steps I just discuss you'll be on your way towards becoming a sexually confident lover!

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What Women Want (with a guy's "look") 4:57 AM

As part of my research for a guide to style, I put together a focus group of 6 randomly chosen hot, single women between 21 and 33, to find out what styles in men they considered hot.

My goal was to find the things that they all agreed on.

The results were surprising, because the issues the women had the strongest opinions about were ones that most guys would never think of.



Bad teeth are "just gross" said one blonde bombshell, to the enthusiastic
agreement of the others.

So in order to not have your teeth immediately disqualify you, keep them brushed twice a day, flossing at least once. And if they're rotten or badly stained, see your dentist ASAP.

However, don't go crazy with the teeth whitener. "No one wants to kiss Chiclet Mouth," added the blonde.


Women notice right off the bat if your hands are covered with dirt or grease.

"If you work with your hands," said one woman, "that's not the first thing a woman should notice a
bout you." So auto mechanics, construction workers, and other
blue collar types, listen up.

"It's not what a person does," explained another chick. "It's just about taking care of yourself. If you can't even wash your hands, what does that say about you?"


When you're wearing jeans, leave the tennis shoes at home.

"I am a believer that athletic gear is for exercise," said a part-time model in her mid-20s. "Some boys wear only tennis shoes and that's just annoying.

It shows immaturity." Good shoes instead are loafers or boots.

Try to be neat without being anal. "You should not look sloppy," said the blonde, "but don't look so put together that you appear obsessive-compulsive."

And, be an individual, agreed the women. If you've got that one shirt that only you love, you should still wear it, even if it is somewhat "uncool."

For example, take a hawaiian shirt with a flamingo on it. Some guy who absolutely loves it canwear thatshirt.

So the bottom line is that a few guys can indeed pull off wearing the tennis shoes.

Sound confusing?

It isn't once you realize that the simple test is this:

Are you wearing clothes that display your core personality?

As one woman explained it, "You should be comfortable with what you're wearing and like what you're wearing, because women will pick up on that."

So in other words, the perfect style for you comes down to personal preferences and your individual sense of style.

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What Women REALLY Think About You... 8:10 AM


Frankly, women can be REALLY puzzling.

Case in point, have you EVER thought any of the


** Why won't she return my phone calls?

** Why did she agree to a date, but cancel at the

last minute?

** Why does she flirt, but get annoyed when I make

a move?

** Why does she complain about the guys she dates,

but doesn't want a nice guy?

Sometimes women are just plain ole FRUSTRATING!

They seem to take great pleasure by saying ONE

thing then turning around and doing the EXACT

And this is even MORE annoying when we think we're

starting to finally understand them.


Here's an example of WHY women can be frustrating

to a lot of guys.

A few months back, my buddy Mike was complaining

about a girl he recently met.

From what he told me, she showed all the OBVIOUS

signs of interest:

* SHE approached him

* SHE flirted
* SHE continued the conversation
* SHE asked for the date

So what happened?

At the last minute this girl called up and

canceled the date.

After that, she wouldn't return Mike's phone calls

OR text messages.

Mike told me this story in the hopes that I had

some advice on the matter.

And all I could do was shrug my shoulders and


"Women...who knows WHAT goes on in their heads!"

I felt bad that I couldn't really give any advice

to Mike.

I KNEW he did everything right.

Since she was showing OBVIOUS signs of interest,

I was a little baffled as to why this girl
flaked out.

Now I'll be the first to say that you never

REALLY know when a woman is going to do something

You could be having the BEST time with a woman,

but suddenly a magical 'switch' will go off and
she'll do something completely BIZARRE!


So I ask the question- "What goes through the

minds of women when they meet a guy?"

Well from what I've experienced, the MAJOR

difference between the sexes really boils down
to ONE thing:


Typically a guy uses LOGIC to make his


Example: "A girl is flirting with me. She MUST

be interested!"

On the other hand, women use EMOTIONS to

decipher a situation.

Example: "He's interested, but does he REALLY

like me. Let's do a test to find out..."

And YES, women D
O test you. More than you
could possibly imagine.

When I think about Mike's situation in hindsight,
I realized that he didn't recognize a test at some
point during their conversation.

This girl WAS interested when they first met.

But she probably gave a few tests that Mike didn't

pick up...AND he failed!

The truth is almost EVERY woman you meet will do

some type of mind game to judge your reaction.

They simply CAN'T help it.

Many women play mind games because of a specific

EMOTIONAL reaction they're trying to create in

For instance if a woman is flirting without

wanting to "hook up," she's probably wants to feel
sexy by having guys hit on her.


If a woman doesn't return your call, it's probably

because you didn't build up an emotional connection
when your first met.


When a girl cancels your date, she's trying to

create a situation where she's in the power position.

In other words, this girl wants to see how much she

can dominate your actions and turn you into the


How can you stop this from happening?

Honestly, that's a hard one to answer.

Some girls simply don't

know what they want. Others ONLY date guys who pass
their tests.

AND a few simply like the feeling of having POWER

over guys.

To prevent this from happening to YOU, it's

important to do the following:

1) Understand what motivates the different women

you meet

2) Identify the moments when they're testing you

3) IMMEDIATELY challenge a girl when she starts

acting like a flake.

You really can't control the actions of women.

But you CAN make them understand that you're the

type of guy who doesn't deal with ANY form of B.S.
in your dating life.

You'll find that DIRECTLY challenging a woman is

one of the best ways to eliminate their flaky
behavior which can save a TON of problems down the

Finally, the FIRST way to prevent a flaky girl is

to hook her interest from the START.

The way to do this is show a DOMINANT

male attitude.

One that'll blast through her general flakiness

and make her WANT to be with you.